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Cereal Box Guitar

Here is my first vid showing my maker plan and how I am going to make the Cereal Box Guitar. However, the final product of the cereal box guitar is more unique than I demonstrate in the video lol. Enjoy. 

Comfortable being uncomfortable

I hate being uncomfortable, lets just put it out there now lol. I am sure I am not the only either. However, after reading Prof. Smith’s post and Jim Groom’s talks I cannot help but feel like I must reach that “high point” of being uncomfortable while teaching. The reason I feel that this is a high point is because if we want to be “punk” or progressive educators than we must go where others have not. In order to do that we must venture out on the razors edge. A glimpse of that edge will make us better teachers, I think.

I really like Jim Groom’s and Brian Lamb’s article which speaks of edupunked and its future. It has an great quote: “Our energy simply prevailed. This speaks to the struggle that we face as educators when we want to change things. We must remember that change is always met with opposition. Therefore, we must have the will, courage, heart, and energy to prevail against the old and bring in the new. Below is a video of philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti who speaks of an intellectual transformation. I think it fits well.

Finally, I think the most important point is that to be edupunk and progressive is to be radical. This is not reform–thiis is revolutionary.

Results from Polling

So far I have received 7 responses to my questions. If my math is correct, that means that all of you have yet to respond lol, please do!!

My first question was “Do you think that community programs can influence what occurs in the household?” and everyone agreed that yes it can. That kind of surprised me. The reason being that the environments are so different and children might just have different mindsets in both environments.

The second question was “What do you think Jeff Sturges means when he says he is ‘training trainers'”? Everyone gave very similar responses by stating that a network is being created by this process and learning is able to continue and expand. Thanks guys! You have all earned a treat. Enjoy the video lol

Makers in Communities

Jeff Sturges’ story is pretty interesting. He works for Sustainable South Bronx, which is backed by MIT. Also, he works for NYC Resistor. Their description states that they are a “hacker collective with a shared space located in downtown Brooklyn. We meet regularly to share knowledge, hack on projects together, and build community.” It is evident that Jeff Sturges is an active member in communities around NYC. However, his talk relates to do the work he is doing in Detroit, which is his hometown. I found a an article which gives many details about his endeavors he did in the communities of Detroit.     

One point in his talk that stuck with me was when he states that “we can’t control a lot of the things that happen at home with these kids or even a lot of older people but we can start to create a more supportive community environment.” The link to this point of the talk is here.

Also, another interesting quote is when he states that “we’ve trained trainers to keep training trainers and so on.” That point in the video is here.

Now please fill out these 2 simple questions on this form. Your feedback is vital. Thank you.

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Recreate your favorite movie scene w/ new audio/music!!!

You will be asked to recreate any movie clip/tv clip using any movie maker (window movie maker, imovie) or any other video editing application and insert a different audio/music into the clip that you think makes sense with the clip (give an explanation as to why) and upload  to youtube. This inspiration comes from this ds106 assignment. Here is one i created to give you an idea. I used music from pee-wee herman’s big adventure to go along with the Joker’s “pencil trick” scene in the Dark Knight. Doing this assignment will enable us to be our own director and set our own moods (by inserting music) where we see fit. Video should be anywhere from 15 seconds to 1 minute. Enjoy!